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Here's to the changemakers who want to see transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society for all. They strongly believe in leaving no one behind and inspire and empower others to be active contributors of society. 


"I wrote a short play called ‘I love you’. I Love you, were the only words I could utter for two weeks after the brain haemorrhage. This was a very emotional story for me to share and I enjoyed working with a creative team to work on the script, produce and bring my play to the stage. ‘I Love You’ told my story as a young woman who loved to wear high heels, Tango dance and told how the brain hemorrhage, although it changed my life, it also taught me to be strong, resilient and stay true to who I was before."

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"I’m a DJ with a love of music. I’m really passionate about what I do and enjoy every minute of it. I love singing, dancing, I love my boyfriend and I also love playing with my beautiful dog and helping to cook dinner and not to mention hanging out with my friends on the weekends."

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"I was so happy when I received a permanent job offer. All my persistence had been worthwhile. I am and will always be grateful for Ability Options and Tara Anglican School for giving me a chance and helping me achieve my dream job and for accepting me for who I am. It’s an amazing feeling to feel included, to feel welcomed and to feel like you belong and that’s how I feel with the library team at Tara."

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When you think of travel, I guess you think of spontaneity, letting go and not worrying about a thing! I have always dreamt of travelling overseas. So my upcoming trip to the U.S next year for a PAX West gaming convention in Seattle is something I’m really looking forward to. Gaming has been a passion of mine since childhood and I run a YouTube channel on video games called WheelsGamer, so it will be a great opportunity to travel and meet people with similar interests."

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"I was invited to participate in the New Zealand 2017 Boccia Nationals from 14th October to 17th October 2017 in Wellington. My family was really proud of me, my mum had a beaming smile on her face when I told her I was accepted into the nationals."

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