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Develop Goals
We work with you to set goals you want to achieve. 

Our services

Early Intervention
We provide early intervention therapy services for children with NDIS plan to support children and their families with their development and learning. Our team has experience working with children using the transdisciplinary model where families have a Key Worker that supports them with all of their therapy at home, preschool/school and in the community.

Speech Pathology
Speech Pathologists will work with you to achieve your goals for communication and swallowing. Speech Pathologists can support you with speech & language development, using augmentative & alternative communication (AAC) systems, social skills and your eating and drinking.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists work with you to you to achieve your goals for participation and independence. Occupational Therapists can support you with fine motor development, sensory processing, activities of daily living (e.g. toileting, bathing/ showering, dressing, cooking), home modifications and prescribing assistive technology equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, environmental controls).


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Certified Speech TheraphisTrainer by the International Health and Fitness Committee
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- Denise Porta, Certified Speech Therapist

With a focus on Capacity Building the therapy team provides support under the NDIS Support Categories of Improved Daily Living Skills and Improved Relationships.


Physiotherapists will work with you to you to achieve your goals for mobility. Physiotherapists can support you with gross motor development, movement, strength, endurance, hydrotherapy, and equipment (e.g walkers, orthotics)

Therapy Services

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Why choose us

Experienced Provider
We have over 40 years of experience supporting children and adults achieve their aspirations and be included in their local communities.
Qualified and Passionate Team
We have a team of people all in one place who genuinely want to make a difference in your life. Our qualified team uses a person centred framework to provide holistic and meaningful supports.
Easy Access and Flexible
We deliver services where you want them and where most appropriate for achieving your outcomes, whether that is in your home, work or within your community or family setting. 
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 At Ability Options we offer a range of comprehensive therapy services to suit all ages, abilities and aspirations. Our services are designed to help you get the most out of your life. We support you to identify your individual goals and work towards reaching those goals.

Providing the right supports at the right time

Complete assessment with you to find out how best we can support you.
Personalised Plan
We develop a personalised plan to help you achieve your goals. 
Lifetime of supports
We offer support to people of all ages from early childhood to adults at all stages of life.
Proven, Lasting Results
Our therapy focuses on efficiency as well as quality outcomes so you have more time and resources available for the things most important to you and your family.
Personalised Approach
We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach; every person we work with can expect personalised support plans to help them reach their own goals.

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Psychology / Behaviour Support
Psychologist/ Behaviour Support clinicians will work with you to achieve your goals for behaviour, relationships and mental health. Psychologists can support you with positive behaviour support strategies, restrictive practice guidance and counselling.

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This program will improve participant’s social skills through easy, practical learning styles tailored for those aged 14 – 35 with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or social communication difficulties. It is a six week program that runs every Wednesday.

Social Skills Group Workshops

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6 Weeks